Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Immerse in Oxygen

Our BB Chamber serves oxygen in a pressurized environment. This oxygen treat provides a good place to relax, and reduce stress. Increased oxygen also enhances renewal from strenuous exercise and tired body.

HBOT (60 mins Dive)

Rejuvenate with high concentration of oxygen to renew yourself.

In our BB chamber, constant stream of oxygen is pumped in and maintained at 1.3ata or 30% more pressure than normal. You get refreshed while immerse in high level of oxygen.

Get a 60 minutes Hyperbaric Oxygen Treat (HBOT) Dive for $120.

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10+2 Package for HBOT Dives

Enjoy 2 Free HBOT sessions when you purchase 10 sessions with us! Enjoy a full body dive into pressurised oxygen to recharge and rejuvenate. Simply purchase and book an appointment with us in advance to enjoy your hyperbaric dives at this deal!

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Rent a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Wish to have the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for your home or office or gym? Rent from us for 6 months straight and the chamber is yours!

A refundable one month deposit is required to be paid upon delivery and the deposit will be refunded when the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is returned in good condition.

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