Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar

Breathe Oxygen

Enjoy an Oxygen boost in our Rest Capsule with our Aromatic Oxygen Bar.

Oxygen Bar (30 mins)

Come for 30 minutes Oxygen Siesta. Enjoy aromatic oxygen served in our rest capsule for $30 and get rejuvenated as your body renews.

Other options available include:

  • Buy an Oxygen Bar for your home / office.
  • Rent Oxygen Bars for your event.

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10+2 Package for 30 mins Oxygen Siesta Sessions

Relax with Aromatic Oxygen Treat with your friends and enjoy 2 free sessions when you purchase 10 sessions with us! Each session is 30 mins long and you can choose from a wide range of aroma for your restful sessions.

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Oxygen Yoga (Partner Yoga – Meditation & Mindfulness)


For more information such as schedule or locations:


Contact us at o2n2singapore@gmail.com

Rental of Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar

Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar – 8 different flavours to choose from to suit your needs!

Rent the Oxygen Bars for your events, boost your party mood while entertaining your guests as you enhance their wellness. One Oxygen Bar can entertain 2 of your guests at the same time. Charges for 4 hours block. $2,000.

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